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    Roland Ducommun

    can we call you?

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    Aleksandr Zhuk

    For a service like this, it would be really nice, if not mandatory, to have a published and visible toll-free number and/or online chat option available. Thanks!

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    Hello. I am looking to get started with litecoin. I was wondering how long the process is to be able to pay a seller. I know I need a wallet, excuse my ignorance but I am new to this

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    Chelsea Heintschel

    I would not recommend Due to anyone simply because there is no way to speak directly to a customer service representative. It's shady and inconvenient. As a newer user, I have had a couple questions/issues that the support documents did not help me with. In every instance it has taken days to receive a response back from the support team (not 24 hours as promised). The last question I emailed in was on 4/4, and I have not had a response back to-date (4/17). Unless this changes, I'll be switching software as soon as I can find the time.

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